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Treasury Management

Our Treasury Management Solutions provide clients with a unique blend of exceptional customer service and sophisticated products. Our team is committed to keeping you up-to-date on industry enhancements, while providing new products that can improve cash flow, accelerate payment of receivables, simplify payment processes, reduce the risk of fraud, improve return on funds and provide detailed reporting.

Product offerings include:

  • Analysis Checking
  • Online Banking with NexTier Cash Manager
  • ACH (Automated Clearing House) Services
  • Account Reconcilement
  • EPA (Electronic Payment Authorization)
  • Positive Pay and Other Fraud Prevention Services
  • Customized Cash Management Structure
  • Automated Lockbox Services
  • Remote Deposit
  • Customized Municipal Lending
  • Overnight Investment Accounts Zero-Balance Accounts
  • NexTier One Card

NexTier Treasury Management Services are an extension of your finance department. We can help you achieve the best mix of collection, disbursing, reporting, and investing cash, while maintaining liquidity and potential return on those funds.


Designed for customers with higher transaction volumes, our Analysis checking allows you to offset fees with a competitive, variable earnings credit rate.


NexTier Cash Manager provides comprehensive business banking products and services to customers using a single platform, suitable for businesses of all sizes.

Our Cash Manager functionality includes:

  • Wires
  • Multiple Security Levels
  • Real-time host inquiries
  • Reporting
  • Transfers
  • Stop payments
  • Bill Pay and Quicken and QuickBooks interfaces


NexTier automatic payments save business customers time and money. Think of all the possibilities, such as managing the billing and collection of routine payments without paper and the elimination of check preparation, storage and retrieval costs. Automatic payment gives you the ability to maintain greater control over your funds.

ACH benefits include:

  • Direct deposit of payroll and expenses
  • Pre-authorized payment of dues, subscriptions and fees
  • State tax payments

For more information regarding National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA), visit: www.achrulesonline.org


NexTier automates and streamlines account reconciliation through the delivery of timely data. This reduces administrative time and processing costs, which results in improved management control and information reporting.


EPA - Electronic Payment Authorization enables customer to instruct NexTier which electronic ACH items are authorized to be paid. It can be restricted by ACH debit, ACH credit, payee and amount.


NexTier knows that each time your company issues a check it exposes itself to possible fraudulent checking activity. That’s why we offer Positive Pay, which matches your check issued file with checks presented for payment for a pay/no-pay decision.


Customized accounts are the cornerstone of your banking relationship with NexTier, and we provide many options in addition to our analysis checking to suit your individual needs. Here are a few:

  • Business Alliance
  • Business Alliance Plus
  • Business Money Market
  • Sweep Accounts
  • Municipal Accounts


NexTier’s lockbox can help you manage your cash flow. Your receivables are sent directly to a P.O. Box and your pick up schedule is customizable to meet your needs. Funds are deposited to your account, giving you faster access to your available cash. A deposit report is based on your unique needs and report details can be transmitted the same day.

If you are interested in managing your incoming payments more closely, but like the convenience of depositing payments from the convenience of your office and need the advanced reporting of a lockbox, Remote Lockbox is now available at NexTier.


Your money can work smarter for you with NexTier Remote Deposit. It is a quick way for businesses to turn check deposits into cash. A desktop scanner connected to a PC and the Internet enables you to scan checks received from customers and issue deposits electronically, around the clock. Your funds, especially those with large dollar amounts, are deposited into your account sooner since electronic deposits typically take two days to process.

NexTier Remote Deposit also offers multiple levels of security. You can consolidate funds from multiple business locations into one bank, reducing check fraud since faster check clearing allows you to act sooner on returned checks. You also will save money and time preparing deposits electronically.


With a NexTier Sweep Account, excess funds will automatically “sweep” to an investment account of your choosing and remain there until they are needed to cover checks presented against your account. Funds can sweep to an external account* or into a NexTier sweep account.


NexTier’s Zero Balance Accounts automatically concentrate daily deposit and disbursement activities from an auxiliary account into a master account. This helps you to achieve maximum use of your business’ funds by eliminating the need to carry a balance in accounts such as payroll.


A single card that combines travel and entertainment (T&E) with purchasing card features. The One Card gives your organization unified processing, simplified management, and maximized savings, with no annual fee. If your business needs a flexible authorization system and cardholder spending controls, easy integration with accounting and payment systems, and fully automated reporting and expense management, this is the card for you.

*External sweep accounts offered through Federated Investors. Federated Funds are not FDIC insured. Not Bank Guaranteed. May Lose Value. Not Guaranteed by any Government Agency. Not a Bank Deposit.